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Thursday, January 26, 2012

MILF Sucks CockWe were spying on this hot thing through her kitchen window.we are such pervs!!! But fuck it, we figured by the looks of things she needed a handyman to help her with some shit around her place. When she answered the door, she had these cut-off jeans that showed all her ass!!! What a freak. We told her we were doing a documentary on needy people that needed extra help in the house. She on the other hand was in need for some dick!!!!
MILK Gets Laid've been spying on this hot MILF for a while and knew that she needs a lot of fixing around her house and maybe her pussy too! So I knocked at her door and she was fine as hell with those huge tits popping out of her shirt! Told her that we?re doing some home improvement show and asked if she needed any help around the house...she showed me around the kitchen, sink, ceiling, phone cords then we discussed her payments arrangement on the couch! Told her we can fix anything including her neglected pussy thanks to her husband! I unzipped my pants and took out my big tool to service her pussy until she screamed for more!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shaved Pussy SexVeronica was so freakin' hot! Literally HOT! We saw her outside near the meter box then followed her to an apartment. She was waiting for a handy man cuz' her husband is away for a business trip and her AC was down. It's her lucky day! cuz' our boy CJ is here can fix ANYTHING! He reset her fuse box then the power was on! She was getting hot so she stripped her clothes off...boy was she one needy wife! She needed another fuse to put out...its in between her legs of course! Our boy CJ can put it out... I mean in...also!
Redhead Gets FreakyWe saw this girl Brianna.having some problems hanging her pictures on her wall.and we decided to see if she needed help. We knocked, she answered, and we went inside.basically!!! She had no nails to hang the picture on which I found kind of strange but hey.whatever.she was probably in the need to have some other things done to her..like cleaning her pipes, laying some wood.something!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Fucked On CouchWe were scouring the neighborhood again for some needy wives! The handyman scam worked well last time so we've used this game to help out this hot blonde big tittied wifey named Crystal! Man... her husband is never around so she accumulated a lot of garbage! We were not about to clean out her yard full of garbage! Heck NO! That's some dirty shiet! She changed her mind and needed something else cleaned up inside of her though! Imma about to accumulate a big wad of cum on her face!
Sexy Wife PussyWe saw a sign not too long ago that this huge house was just sold...so we knew that the new wife might need some help around the house! We saw her walking through the backyard door so we followed her and knocked at the door...she was hotter in person with her popping out of her tiny shirt and her short skirt was screaming fuck me! So we introduced ourselves as handyman and if she needed help around the house...she said yes! Heck yeah we can fix anything in the house...including inside her skirt! She is one needy wife that she pulls out her breast for us to stare! She definitely got fixed and was way satisfied by our handy-dick service!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

MILF Loves CockSo me and my partner was scoping out this lady.s house for the past couple of days to see what it is that she needed to get done around the house (since we were handy-men and all). We noticed that she was doing all her watering of the plants, taking out the garbage..all that.by herself. We finally went up to her front door to give her our pitch. BAM!!!! We were hit with a smoking hot Blondie with the biggest tits ever!! She must have seen both me and my camera man glancing down at those twins of hers.so she told us to come in so we can discuss the prices and the shit we were going to do. Wait till you see what bodywork..I mean house work we did for her!
Slut Happily DeepthroatsWhat a fuckin day.I lost my dog.and I lost some pussy too. Put those two together and hopefully I will get both!!! I was running around all day handing out my fliers and it came down to the last flier when I saw a hot Brunette girl outside smoking. She was upstairs and by the looks of what she was wearing she was a super FREAK!!! I told her about my lost dog, and my last flier, so she invited me inside to get a pen to write down my information. She felt sooo sorry for me that she wanted me to stay and comfort me. Boy I tell you what, I comforted her with a dick in her ass!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dude Licks VagDude check this out...we've been watching this hot blonde mama fixing things in the front yard...we are about to introduce ourselves as handyman using our camera to film all the fixing action! I told her our service is free if our camera man can come with us! So she need us to trim her banana plant but I just couldn't wait to put my own hard banana inside her! When she saw my chiseled hard body she couldn't resist touching my chest and I had to touch her soft chest too! It was clear as day that this needy wife needed my cock inside her!
MILF Gets FuckedCheck this out man.we got lucky as hell today. I saw a MILF walking into her apartment that was fuckin SMOKIN HOT!!! I had to run the Handy Man scam on this bitch!!! So after my intro, she brought me and the cameraman inside to check things out. Lemme just tell you this..this bitch wanted dick and dick only. She had nothing wrong with her place, she just sat me down, offered me water, and grabbed my tool!!!! LOL.that is what I am talking about!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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